Connection with your Cosmic Human Being:

From Earthling to Galactic Being


sacred sexuality Workshop in 4 sessions



The human being's origin can be found on planet Earth as well as in the stars.

The goal of this seminar is to awaken the memory of the keys that are dormant in oneself,
to become again a connection beam between Earth and Heaven, between past and future,
from the visible to the invisible, from the mortal to the immortal.

Our Past: Terrestrial and Stellar Origin. Where do we come from?

- Our ancestral root.
- The limbic brain and the cerebral cortex.
- Our chromosomal memory, a source of wisdom
- The heritage of humankind's past: how to transmute it.
- The meaning of our incarnation on planet Earth.
- Memory of our personal programme.

Our Present: Our Incarnation on Planet Earth: who are we?

- The Earthling: A connection bridge between Earth and Heaven.
- 4 factors of evolution: pain, pleasure, love, consciousness.
- Control, circulation and transmutation as a motor of elevation.
- Creating an inner axis for the reintegration of energies.

Our Future: Path of Return: where are we going to?

- The force of spiritual energy.
- Gradual awakening of our capacities of elevation.
- Perception of the door of passage between extra-universe and intra-universe; between the worlds of form and their immaterial origin.
- The presence of Unity.

"At the end of this workshop my aftermath is very positive. I enjoyed this whole group work, I was pleased with my journey companions and with the teachers. The day we worked on the level of the "past", the end meditation was very important because I could discover that I had had another life on a different planet, and this discovery allowed me to better understand certain reactions, attitudes and behaviours of mine in the present."
Romina, Spain

"During this workshop, I could come to terms and make peace with a certain part of my past, which I did not want to see because I used to feel it was useless. Now, I can see it in its whole. I receive a very enriching amount of information."
Angelo, Italy