Growth of the Energetic,
Subtle and Spiritual Bodies

workshop in 8 sessions



* Strengthening the continuity between the energy, subtle and spiritual bodies.
* Knowing the precise role of the auric system
* Extricating and defining the imperious system and the terminal
* Understanding the intervention of the body of light and the synthetic body in the construction of our immortal being
* Constituition of the unitary body


* Aura systems

Unification of the power systems_ Circle of life
Mastering one's exterior systems and the limit of one's aura
The various layers of the aura

* Imperious System and Terminal
Body of subtle energy, physical body and body of inferior power
Processing of systems of power

Extracting one's Terminal from karmic situations linked to other incarnations

* Physical and Etherical Vehicle
System of mutants_ Exiting the biological body
Management of the physical body in continuity with the energy bodies
The etherical soaring

* Astral body
Astral trips and risk of overstretching the imperious systems.
Reunifying the energy bodies
Notion of high and low astral worlds, freeing oneself from blockages and fears.

* Concrete Mental Body and Abstract Mind
Gravitation and concrete mind
Attention, will, memory and imagination
Interdimensional Contact and strengthening of the telepathic channel

* Body of Light
Communication between the visible and the invisible
Internal numeration and body of light
Transfer and elevation inside the light field

* Body of Synthesis and Sumerian Essence
Building the body of Synthesis and the body of Sumerian essence.
Synthesizing all of one's figures in a signature according with the unity of synthesis
Interdimensional Transfer chain

* Body of Unity and Internal Unity
Sumerian essence and body of Unity
Constitution of the unitary body
Meditation of Subtle transfer

Through exercises, games, visualizations, concentrations, meditations,
we will better perceive the existence of these bodies.

- Frederique (France):
This workshop gave me really important keys in order to understand better The Unitary Science, specially concerning the setting in place of the various vehicles that are tools to help us to do the work of our incarnation. A very strong contact with the divine essence that is inside of us and above us, who watch over us with an infinite goodness and great emotion, something difficult to transmit but that I keep internally as a reference. With all these keys, what is important is to do the point where we are with our life, work and put more mystical momentum, sanctify the activity we do all day. This workshop is very rich. I Board everyone to do this workshop because it helps us to better understand, experiment and exchange with other beings. With these references all this remains well engraved inside of us. And I could see the immense work that J.P.Appel Guéry is doing, in this plan and the other dimensions. Thanks really!

- Bruno (Italy):
When I took this workshop, I had specific expectations. For me, it all happened very fast. In the nick of time, I learnt things that met those expectations very closely. I am aware of transformations that took place inside me at mental and emotional levels. At each level of my being, of my body, I now feel in a much refined way. I am aware of the fact that, at the level of psyche, I also have a different material weight. It is the same for my root; in the beginning I could see it very large and long... Therefore, for me, thanks to this new knowledge, this is the beginning of a much faster rise. It seems to me that I now have the possibility to advance and to successfully hold the first elements of the goals that I have defined for myself. I will always think of examining what is truly necessary for me, practically as well as spiritually.